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Default Re: Individual RP;; Elecii

Ranger Ash Dalca
The Woods

The Arbok shot up, catching Twilight around the neck while Twilight landed her Fire Fang on the back of the Cobra Pokemon’s head. Arbok slithered away from his opponent as the Arcanine jumped away, using her Agility to get directly behind the poor snake. Twilight’s Crunch hit hard and, instead of just hitting the head, Twilight managed to wrap her jaws around the base of Arbok’s body. Arbok hissed in pain, writhing in the jaws of the Legendary Pokemon but Twilight just bit harder. Ash gave his trainer an encouraging look, glad to see that things were looking better for Elecii.

But then Arbok lay limp, just before he twisted around Twilight in a powerful and dangerous Wrap attack.


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Elecii
Location: Woods

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 13

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Arbok (M) -Shed Skin Ability-

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Arcanine (F) -Flash Fire Ability- <Out of Ball> |Poisoned, Wrapped|

-Brave Mightyena (M) -Intimidate Ability- <In Ball>

Total Items: Parkball x8, Superball x2

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Mankey // Arbok

Total Pokemon Captured:


OCC// male it is then

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