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Default Here's another 6-parter, but seeing as I never played 4 and 6 thuroughly, here's 4

Title: Metal Slug anthology
Artist: I really have no idea, I get too lazy to search for each game's artist.
Platform: NeoGeo arcade, Taito TX2 arcade, PS2, Wii, PSP


Favorite Song: Either the first stage theme of the first Metal Slug and its remixes, or the boss themes.


MS 1: 9/10
MS 2/X: 8.5/10
MS 3: 9/10
MS 6: 7.5/10
The first three metal slug's theme fit perfectly in their respective stages, whether it be MS X's third stage theme or MS 3's zombie/ancient relic stage, it just feels good. ROCK IT LAWNCHAIR. But 6 has some different motifs, but nothing bad there.


MS 1: 9/10
MS 2/X: 9/10
MS 3: 8/10
MS 6:6.5/10
Series always lose their originality as soon as it grows older.


MS 1: 8/10
MS 2/X: 9/10
MS 3: 10/10
MS 6: 9/10
I've never been a bro to go into huge details, so, yes, diverse.

Nostalgia Value:

MS 1: 9/10
MS 2/X: 9/10
MS 3: 9/10
MS 6: 5/10
I always give these games an overscore for NV, probably because it's my opinion but w/e.


MS 1: 8.75/10
MS 2/X: 8.875/10
MS 3: 8.75/10
MS 6: 7/10

Closing comments: There's a reason I didn't play 4 or 5 thuroughly, they're pretty bland. They were made around the time SNK went bankrupt from PIRATES, and sent their franchises to be developed by other bros. The KoF series got handed over to Eolith, who created a horribly bland KoF 2001, and a decent KoF 2002, Samurai Shodown got a good game from the other bros, SS5 and SS5V. And Metal Slug 4 was made by some Korean company, who threw in two bleh characters Nadia and Trevor. 5 was made by a different bro, and it was actually pretty good, compared to 4. I'll actually cover it next, because it had some rad music.

And metal Slug 6 was made by the recently (as of 2002-3, somewhere) revived SNK Playmore, on the new Taito board. They also threw in Ralf and Clark from the Ikari Warriors/KoF series, which was probably a callback to Ikari Warriors. Good call, SNK.
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