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Default Re: Easter Mission: The Bad Egg Hunt- Team 1

Rowan glanced at Modecai, smiling slightly before taking two Pokeballs out of her back pocket. “Carber, Charla. Get those eggs at all costs,” she commanded as she threw them into the air. From the scarlet haze appeared two mouse-like Pokemon. The Plusle, Carber, grinned, grabbing Charla, the Minun’s hand, as he raced over to the eggs. With the Miltank out of the way, as well as the mama Miltank being preoccupied by an Electrive and Ninetails and the papa Tauros being distracted by other Pokemon, Carber and Charla were free to grab the remaining three eggs quickly. They soon began to run back to their Trainer, Charla carrying one of the eggs and Caber carrying the other two.

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