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Default Re: =~|Blue Jello's RP|~=

Once again, we covered our noses with out shirts and once again the Plant Pokemon blew out spores toward Porygon2. This time, the Virtual Pokemon just floated right through the spores. Then it occurred to me and I assumed that Blue had realized it too that Porygon 2 has no nostrils. As its title suggests, it is a Virtual Pokemon and as a result, apparently has no reason to breathe. To put a long respiratory explanation short, Porygon2 was unfazed by Weepinbell's attack.

Porygon2 began focusing on Weepinbell with a Lock-On attack and suddenly its eyes shot out a red laser light which landed on Weepinbell's forehead. It had been targeted. Soon after, it began sucking in air, rapidly expanding.

"I think it's preparing a Blizzard attack, Blue! You'd better do something quick or your Weepinbell will pay the consequences."

Name: Blue Jello
Money: $7,500
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Repellants: Poison
Encounters Remaining- 15
In Battle:
Danglin’ [~Weepinbell~] [Chlorophyll, Male, Gentle](No TMs)

Wild Porygon2 [Download, ???, ???]

Pokemon Stats:
Randoe [~Granbull~] [Intimidate, Female, Sassy]( TM Earthquake/ TM Roar/ TM Bulk Up/ TM Thunder Wave/ TM Attract)

BlueJello [~Ditto~] [Limber, ???, Jolly](No TMs)

Total Items: 2 Park Balls, 2 Hyper Balls, 1 Supreme Park Ball, 2 Max Potion, Ditto Costume, 1 Essence of Life Perfume

Total Pokemon Encountered: 1. Porygon 2

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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