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Default Re: This is more of a joke review, don't count it as a normal review, I'm bored.

Just had to post this after seeing the Wrestlemania 2000 review.

Title: WWF No Mercy
Artist: A Man
Platform: Nintendo 64
Favorite Song: Mark Henry's Theme Song (Sexual Chocolate)- R&B/Soul

Originality: The originality in this game is very original. There are songs of all genres represented, whether it be R&B/Soul, Hip Hop, the Alternative/Nu Metal type rock that was popular back in those days. There are a lot of playable wrestlers in the game, so there is bound to be a song you will like. 6/10
Diversity: As stated above, WWF No Mercy has a wide diversity of musical tracks. One moment you will be crying after hearing Kurt Angle's Theme, pumped up after hearing Chris Jericho's Theme, and getting your toes jumping and jiving to TAKA's Theme. 8/10
Nostalgia Value: This is going to be the highest scoring portion of this review. I used to play this game all the game back in the day, and hearing the music again brings a tear to my eye. If you were a fan of professional wrestling back then, the same might happen to you. 9.5/10

Overall: 8/10.

Closing comments: This was one of the last wrestling games developed by AKI Corp. If you are a fan of these type of games, I recommend you buy this right away.

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