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Default Re: Easter Mission: The Bad Egg Hunt- Team 1

((I'm sorry this took so long I've been incredibly busy this week. ))

The baby Miltank was enamored by Furret's attempt to lure her, and she quickly followed him into the tunnel that Dugtrio had dug. Once he was sure that baby Miltank was far enough in the tunnel, Dugtrio went in after her, blocking her in. The little pink calf tried to get around him but this was Dugtrio's domain, and as long as they were there, there was no way Miltank could escape. Frustrated, Miltank let out an angry moo as she pounded her fists against the sides of the tunnel, attempting to cause a cave in. Small bits of dirt and rock began to fall as Miltank attempted to create a Rock Slide.

Meanwhile, with no foes to deter them, Carber and Charla were free to grab the remaining three eggs, carting them over to Rowan. Setting the eggs down at her feet, they both looked up at her, eager to know what to do next.

No one had time to chat as Sec rejoined the group, so he quickly released his Infernape and Electivire into battle. Infernape began to peform a strange, tai-chi like dance, reminiscent of what one would see in an old kung fu film. His strength now boosted, Inferape sprinted towards Mama Miltank, who was already busy enough as it was trying to defend against Ninetails. Even though she was seeing double, she lept into the air and drove her fist into Felix's back, causing waves of electricity to go through the fox's body.

As Felix let out a frightening roar that caused Mama Miltank to jump back, he quickly slammed into her just as Infernape was about to deliver a very powerful punch, and the resulting impact of the two attacks caused Miltank to crumple to the ground.

Mama Miltank can barely stand.

((Okay, don't post, I'll edit in the rest of the battle stats tomorrow. I'm getting thrown off the computer. D': And Jackson's taking the other half of the battle.))

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