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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

"No!" I yelled. My Pokemon had his accuracy lowered, so I couldn't just do any move, just in case any of them missed or avoided. I had to think quickly. I knew if I took too long, the Shellos would try to attack my Electivire. After a few seconds, I thought of the perfect idea.

"Electivire, use Shock Wave!" I shouted. Good thing I remembered that it never misses. My fists were clutched, as I stood there and saw him planted his feet on the ground and charged.

The wind blew, and Electivire's stance was as firm as a skyscraper. His body started to glow a bright yellow. Electrical discharges were released from his body into all sorts of direction.

"This just can't possibly miss," I said under my breath.
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