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Default [T]he [D]eadly [L]egacy .:Not Recruiting ATM:. [9/15]

[T]he [D]eadly [L]egacy™ ~ Competitive Pokémon Battling Clan

Ψ Introduction Ψ

If we think in two words that define us, they are SKILL and UNION.
Our mind is always to win, climbing the obstacles and destroying our enemies; be THE BEST EVER.
We help each other, because if one member is hurt, the ENTIRE clan is hurt.
We believe in the victory til' the end
We fight with the soul
We are THE DEADLY LEGACY! Remember this name, cause' BATTLES is our game!

Ψ Index Ψ

Introduction / Index
Rules / Wanna join?
Members List
Wars and Challenge Information
The Deadly Legacy's League
Youtube Battles
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