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Default Re: Don't post please!

The Legacy Rules

Ψ Clan Rules Ψ

■ Respect is the main rule. RESPECT everyone in the clan and out.
■ Good grammar, please.
■ Respect is a key to be in this clan. You show us respect and we'll do the same. If you don't, lets say it won't be good for you.
■ Obey the rules of Pe2k forums.
■ You CAN'T be in another clan if you are in TDL.
■ Have fun and don't be a child.

Ψ Battling Rules Ψ

■ SHODDY BATTLE or Wi-Fi system.
■ 6 x 6 pokémon battle.
■ Singles ou Doubles.
■ No HAX Items.
■ PokéSav is allowed; however, use it for LEGAL hacks.
■ No Ubers
■ Sleep, Evasion, Frozen (Shoddy), Species, OHKO, Strict Damage (Shoddy) Clauses.

Ψ Wanna join? Fill the form. Ψ
■ Forum name:
■ Age:
■ Read the rules?:
■ Experience in competitive battles:
■ Tell us a little about your life:
■ Do you have a YouTube account? If yes, put your link:
■ What's your preferred Pokémon type?:
■ What's your preferred Pokémon?:
■ Are you going to be active?:

Everybody loves a comback! I'm still kicking and still diving.

† I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and am proud of it! Copy and paste this if you are too.†

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