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Default Re: [T]he [D]eadly [L]egacy ~WE'RE FAR FROM FINISHED!~

Originally Posted by Ryan Nissan View Post
I'm so honored to be coleader :] Thanks Scuba!

Anyone know why he quit pe2k?
NP. You deserve it

I talked to him yesterday. He felt that the battle section was pretty much dead, though it actually looks pretty active right now. But yeah, I think he was just burnt out on pe2k. He's also taking a break from pokes. Not a long one, like a week or two.

Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post
Congrats TDL on your newly structured clan.
Thanks a lot^^ Hopefully we'll get some new members, and we war against y'all!

I'm going to do a members sweep in 7 day. These are the members that haven't been active in the last two day, and are on the verge of being removed from the clan:

I already took kage out because he hasn't been active for nearly a month.

Really, the members of TDL are active on pe2k, but they're not active within the clan, except for a few of course. Since this is the "rebirth" of TDL, I need every member to be active, which means posting in the thread once everyday or at least try. I know we all have lives outside of this forum, but I think we can take the 5 mins. to post in this thread.
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