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Default Re: :|Individual RP: Zolar|:


Ranger Micah Hawthorn


A young boy approached Micah, a massive smile upon his face.

"Hiya! I'm Zolar! I'm really exited about this expedition," he told her.

Upon attempting to shake Micah's hand, he tripped over, spilling his Parkballs from his pockets on the ground. He blushed as he gathered up the balls.

"Oops, I guess I forgot to mention that I'm a klutz," he said as he stood back up.

Micah laughed.

"It's okay. Come on, let's get going. I'm just excited as you, by the way," she added, giving him a smile and little wink.

From out of the shadows on the ground, a small, purple creature with blue jewels for eyes came and stood next to Micah. The Sableye turned it's head up to Micah, apparently in silent questioning of what to do.

"Gremlin, we're going to the Woods," she told the Sableye.

"Sableye," Gremlin replied with a nod.

Gremlin's gem-eyes glowed bright as she raised her violet arms. A huge white flash blinded the world, and the Pokemon disappeared, along with the two humans. The world reformed around them, and they stood in a huge forest, surrounded by trees and bushes. Micah returned Gremlin to her Pokeball and looked around. There seemed to be two paths. To the left, webs were stretched across tree after tree, and clicking, bug-like sounds could be heard. To the right, scraps of food and a few items seemed to be strewn about the ground, and some odd sounds were heard distantly. Micah turned to Zolar.

"So, which way d'you wanna go? Left or right?"


Name: Zolar
Location: Woods


Encounters Remaining: 15
Items: Parkballs (x5)

=Trainer's Pokemon=

Pokemon: Typhlosion
Name: Burn-Out
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Naughty
Status: In Ball
Health: 100%

Pokemon: Flygon
Name: Sky-Gone
Gender: Male
Ability: Arena Trap
Nature: Jolly
Status: In Ball
Health: 100%

=Expedition Info=

Pokemon Encountered: None

Pokemon Caught: None
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