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Default Image Requests & Graphic Giveaway Thread!

The old thread can be found here.
Graphics giveaway!

I know how graphic artist here might not want a certain banner or icon anymore. Instead of hiding it away, why not give it here? Here, another member can claim your graphic, and use it. OF COURSE, WITH CREDIT. =]

Post banners, icons, any graphics you don't want anymore! You could also claim someone else's art. With claiming, you can use the art instead of 5 people using it. However, with claiming, you shouldn't claim

  • Follow the pe2k rules
  • Don't spam
  • When you post, it must be your own work. Don't post for anyone else or steal someone's work and post it here.
  • Don't claim every piece of work you see. Most likely, you won't use them all at all, and someone else might want to use it.
  • DO NOT EDIT THE WORK YOU CLAIM. NOT AT ALL. If the creator gives permission for you to edit it, then it's fine.
  • CREDIT IS REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS! Seriously, give credit or you're not using the work.
---- Anastasia-R

Request an avatar, signature, or an image here! Please provide details on what you want your avatar/signature to look like.

If you are at a loss on what details to provide, please use this form.

Colour Theme:
Background Image(s):
Main Text:

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