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Default Re: :Member's Only: Clan Shop ~ Hackd|

these are Hacked but are quickly deleted just to let you all know we do check them.

HAX Deoxys Lv.100
Hardy nature with ability Pressure
Stats= 241/336/138/338/136/336
Moveset: Arial Ace - Recover - Psycho Boost - Hyper Beam

Suicune: Aqua Lord @ Lv 100
OT:06107 Distand Land...Likes to thrash about.
Bold ~ Pressure
397/162/341/253/249/190 -pkrs cured
IVs - 31-25-31-31-14-15- HP Steel-68
Extrasensory - surf - ice beam - calm mind
*National Ribbon
*Ability Ribbon
*Legend Ribbon

Pokérus Empire

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