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Default Re: Individual RP: Gamedude


Electivire threw itself into Bulbasaur with a quick burst of speed, sending the Bulbasaur tumbling back several feet, landing upside down on the ground. The bulbed Pokemon tried to flip back over, but the way its bulb touched the ground was in such a way that it wasn’t possible for the Pokemon to flip back onto its feet. It was stuck on its back. Suddenly, the tip of Bulbasaur’s bulb began glowing with a fiery intensity.

”Be careful!” Sec warned Craig. “I think its about to use a Solarbeam; if it fires off while its flipped over like that then the beam will hit the ground directly and cause a huge explosion.”

The light began expanding and growing brighter. Shocker would have to act quickly, or he would be in a serious predicament.


Trainer: Craig
Location: Botanic Gardens

Area Effects: None
9 Encounters Remaining


Pokemon: Nidoking @ 100%
Nickname: King
Gender: Male
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Docile

Pokemon: Electivire @ 34.56%
Nickname: Shocker
Gender: Male
Ability: Motor Drive
Nature: Jolly

Items: 2x Super Ball, 7x Park Ball

Current Pokemon: ? Bulbasaur(?/???) @ 79.94%

Captured: Impish Tangela (?/Chlorophyll/@14.17%(Burned))

Encountered: Bold Hoppip(?/???), Impish Tangela(?/Chlorophyll), Docile Furret(?/???), Impish Ivysaur(?/???),? Rash Torterra(?/???@61.43%), ? Jolly
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