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Default Re: HGSS AR Code Listings Thread

Having a problem with my Fast Hatch code. For some reason it has just stopped working all together.

I deleted it, re-entered it, still nothing.

I deleted it AGAIN, and tried using it with all other codes off, and still nothing.

Is their either an alternate version of the code I can use, or any other thing I can do to make the one in the OP start working again without having to reset my AR?

*EDIT* I have now even broke down and reset my AR, and re-entered the codes, and the Fast Hatch code is STILL the only one that doesn't work.

I need an alternate Fast Hatch code.

*EDIT #2* I found the problem, and how to fix it in this link. Someone at Smogon tracked down the problem for me.

Looks like there is, for some odd reason, one day per month that this problem will happen, so still, an alternate code would be nice, but not necessary if you read the thread in my link.

I also occasionally do wifi battles.

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