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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

This is just a rough idea for a (Pokémon) fan-fic, but here we go anyway. It's worth writing down, I suppose.

Main character will be Sam Tolbin Parslow, an eighteen year old English boy living in the region of Johto. Seems like a normal kid, goes to school, has a Pokémon and what-not, only there's one thing that people don't really know about him that makes him so different to everybody else.

He's a highly trained, highly skilled assassin.

His current target is the leader of a new team of 'bad guys' forming in Johto, Team Purity. The name is somewhat misleading I know, as Team Purity have big plans for not only Johto, but the rest of the Pokémon world too. Their leader, Vincenzo (Vince) Balzama is an Italian man who has brought together a group of people in hopes of eradicating everything in existence with the help of two special (unknown) Pokémon. Sam has to kill Vince before it's too late, and the world of Pokémon is destroyed.

I like the idea, myself. Team Purity, the character names, etc. I reckon it's all good. I just need to think of two Pokémon that, when together, could potentially destroy everything known to mankind... Hmm.
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