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Default Re: Individual RP: Gamedude

I think its about to use a Solarbeam; if it fires off while its flipped over like that then the beam will hit the ground directly and cause a huge explosion. Sec warned Craig.

"I'm going to have to come up with a plan and quick!" Craig said to him self. If I go in for a direct attack, the Solarbeam might hit Shocker, but If I do nothing, Bulbasaur might blow up the ground below us! Craig thought as he started to feel the pressure. Shocker looked back at his master.

"Shocker, I want you to charge towards at top speed and make sure you fire punch the side of Bulbasaur so he flips right over!" Craig sounded nervous.

"How big do you think the explosion will be?" Looking towards Sec.

"I pray to god this works!" Looking up to the skies to see a couple of Pidgeys fly over head.

Shocker knew what he had to do. The giant electric bear got into a running stance.

"GO!" The skinny trainer yelled. At the sound of his voice, the yellow Pokemon ran as quick as he could towards the tiny green Bulbasaur who was about to disrupted the ground that both the trainer and the ranger were both standing on. Spinning his right arm in a circle motion to build up power, Shocker's right fist was set ablaze.

"Electivire!" Shocker roared as his fiery hand made impact with Bulbasaur's left side of his body. The Bulbasaur went flying up 10 meters before he knew what was happening.


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Looks like Craig isn't the only one surfing PE2K while high as a kite.

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