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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Originally Posted by Oxygen View Post

Let's start with Piplup.

Right/Left B: Bubblebeam
Up B: Rain Dance [Makes Bubblebeam more powerful]

hmm how would that make piplup get back n to the stage well any way i thought of quite a couple for this topic

"Poke Trainer is now renamed RED cos thats his name and he doesnt have ashes annoying voice"

GOLD has
up b is aquatail "similar to foxes firefox"
b is water pulse
side b is bite but instead of eating the opponent he latches onto them like the metroid
down b switches to bayleef

up b body slam
synthesis loses 2 percentages everysecond
forward b magical leaf similar to pk thunder
down b switches to quilava

up b quick attack
b small eruption upwards dies out eventually
side b flame wheel

final smash quilava usess massive eruption whith totodile ridng baleef using sleeppower and water pulse
bayleef constantly runs
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