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Default Re: Individual RP: Khaj


Ren watched as Khaj called back his sleeping Gengar and released a beautiful Vulpix into the snow storm. This plan would either work to his advantage or blow up in his face, as the two Pokemon, ignoring Swinub's current condition, would normally be perfectly matched.

Little Inari shivered slightly as her paws hit the snow. Her inner fire would keep her from freezing but this drastic change in temperature was enough to make her uncomfortable. She nodded at Khaj's command and squinted through the snow storm in an attempt to locate the little brown pig. Feeling as if she had successfully located her, she inhaled and let out an extremely hot stream of fire that spiraled in the air, melting the snow that was coming down around them.

Swinub, however, was too quick, and managed to dive out of the way. She let out a piggish squeal as she started glowing white, then curled up into a ball and began to roll down the hill towards Inari. Just as she was about to slam into the fox, she made a sharp turn and crashed into the side of the mountain with an astonishing amount of power for such a tiny Pokemon. The resulting force sent several small rocks rolling down from above, and soon there were fairly large chunks of snow covered rock coming down towards them.

Swinub yelped in pain as what remained of Shadow's Curse was making its way out of her body. She staggered a bit, having managed to injure herself attempting to create such a rock slide as well.

Ren quickly called her Golduck, its psychic powers defending them from some of the rocks that were falling towards them, but he wasn't strong enough to fend off all of them on his own, and Ren looked to Khaj for help. "If we don't stop this rock slide, we could be done for!" she shouted, watching in horror as the rolling rocks got dangerously close to squashing poor Inari and Swinub.

Wild Pokemon
Jolly F Swinub w/Snow Cloak (Rock Slide)

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Khajmer
Location: Mt. Oktori base
Area Effects: The snow is coming down hard.
Encounters: 14

Trainer's Pokemon

Rash F Dragonite w/ Inner Focus <In ball>
EMs: Brick Break, Earthquake, Protect, Thunderbolt, Stone Edge, Substitute, Roar, Surf, Waterfall, Fly

Sassy M Gengar w/ Levitate <In ball> (Odor Sleuth'd)
EMs: Substitute, Sludge Bomb, HP Dark, Taunt, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Torment, Attract, Rest, Energy Ball, Will-o-wisp, Explosion, Focus Blast, Sleep Talk
79% SPD-1 SLEEP-1

Gentle F Vulpix w/ Flash Fire <In battle>
EMs: Toxic, Dig, Return, Attract, Secret Power

Items: 5 Park Balls; 2 Super Balls; 1 Hyper Ball; Pokeplayer; Snorunt Voice Disk
Pokemon Encountered: Swinub
Pokemon Caught:

((It's not that Levitate wouldn't work when he was sleeping, I just imagined it literally, and so a "ground" attack that was shot at him would still hit. ))

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