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Default Re: Cutting Down Size of Clans

Originally Posted by ScubatheDiverman View Post
I have a proposition for maybe getting more clans on pe2k. It's cutting down the size of clans from 18 to 12 or 10.

As of right now, this is how many members each clan has:

Pokerus Empire-18
BIS-Yami has 20, but I don't think there's that many.
Endless Possibilities-7

So this will effect TLMS, PE, and BIS the most. I know just cutting people would be unfair and harsh, so I'm thinking letting those three clans size go down on it's own.

So to sum it all up:
Member's Limit becomes 12 or 10 and clans with more then that number are considered full.

So yeah what do y'all think?
its not a bad idea i think thats why they made it 18 to begin with. the real problem is that even with 18 how many active members would you truly have? I think the most ive ever had is around 13. Cutting down the numbers might help out a little but what we really need is more activity through the battling center. More active tournys,more wars, more battling in general. IF the battling center gets more active people will start coming back

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