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Default Re: Cutting Down Size of Clans

I dont mean to be rude. Not one bit, but have you aken into consideration that Pokerus Empire is a WiFi ONLY clan a (Duo) field where battling is done both Shoddy (ugh) and WiFi. As is, we the Empire are having MINOR stinkts with rooting out the Crutch that is Shoddy with in our own ranks.

Its hard to keep a clan active not to mention its members.. who each have variyng levels of activity, both here in the WiFi section & in pe2k in general. cutting a few or some of my mates would hurt THEM and myself (by this I mean the Empire).
Personally I think the reason my Clan is @ FULL status is because WE want to feel rewarded for using our hard trained pokemon, --- I don't mind losing trust me--- but If i'm losing due to hacked mon.. I mean come on wheres the fun there..

In short yeah Im the newest clan leader by this I mean with the lowest post count, so ok my validity is still unreliable.? yeah.. But I've said it before..
I'm here to stay. and So is Pokerus Empire..
actually has anyone even thought far ahead as if & when Your clan Battles Pokerus Empire in a clan war.. NONE of my clan members that I know if DOES shoddy..

IN SHORT I for one.. am against this. because in the future I'd love to see a 9 vs 9 in a clan war against us some time..

Pokérus Empire