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Default Re: Cutting Down Size of Clans

Originally Posted by hectic View Post
I just think it would be unfair to cut all the people out. Just don't allow any more people in.
I think you need to reread the op
Originally Posted by Dark Shadow Lord View Post
its not a bad idea i think thats why they made it 18 to begin with. the real problem is that even with 18 how many active members would you truly have? I think the most ive ever had is around 13. Cutting down the numbers might help out a little but what we really need is more activity through the battling center. More active tournys,more wars, more battling in general. IF the battling center gets more active people will start coming back
But the battle center isn't as active as it once was. I'm going to hate to use this example, but.....'s activity was worse far off than pe2k. So they decided to this, and it worked. I just think when someone comes to the BC and see there's only 5 or 6 active clans, they're turned off. There needs to be like 9 or 10, I think. And when activity picks back up again and if we need to, we can bring it back up to 18.

@Mr420: -_- Reread the op. I'm not suggesting we cut people from clans. Clans who have more then the decided amount will keep all their members. It's just that when you lose a member, you won't be able to recruit any new members, naturally letting the clan's reduce to 12.
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