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Default Re: Cutting Down Size of Clans

I almost wanted to slap steve and dsl until I read the grand father portion. I'd agree on this proposal if that remains in the agreement, but the problem comes down to who's going to oversee that the rule is followed? Not that dsl will mind, but who wants to keep track of majority of other clans members?

That being said, I still favor the idea, though I'm going to hate the emergence of all the third rate clans (which will hopefully get better rather than spam the center....).

Std, you've earned a trip to the doctor for generic drugs. Pat yourself on the back.

O, and to std and dsl, if ya need me to clarify my thoughts on this proposal/shut someone down, just shoot me a pm.

And side note: Mr.420 I wouldn't go around hoping for a 9 v 9 war when 100% of your clan is wifi only.....diversity is a blessing. And to bring light to the hacked pokemon subject (seeing as you had gone off course first) I wouldn't complain too much about hacked pokemon as if your that good of a player, you'll know how to beat or determine what's hacked easily. So that excuse should really be non exsistant after this 2-3 year strech of playing.
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