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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec


Ranger Leo
The Woods


”Come back!” Sec shouted to his fire Monkey. “Go Metagross! Show em what you’re made of!” A large, steel plated blue spider stood before me. It had four large, powerful arms that could come in handy. “Wait for it to try to strike, then Protect to ward yourself from any damage! Afterwards, I want you to hit it with a blast of Hidden Power!”

The Kecleon didn't wait for Metagross to move this time. Instead it jumped into the air and its left foot began to glow a bright white color as it brought it down on the steel spider. The Metagross however, was ready for it and had some sort of barrier around it, protecting it from any damage. When the Kecleon struck, the Metagross saw this as the perfect oppertunity to stirke with its Hidden Power attack. The attack formed some sort of design that looked like a dragons head. The attack slammed into the Kecleon, slamming it into the ground. The Kecleon turned a purple color as it fell to the ground.

Sec took this as his chance to throw his Hyperball at the Kecleon... again. The Hyperball hit the Kecleon on the head, sucking it into the sphere. The ball shook once, then twice, then was completly still.

"Wow, congrats." I said. "Looks like you caught this one too."


Battle Stats

Wild Pokemon: Kecleon
Nature: ???
Gender: ???
Ability: ???
Stats Changes: Burned [CAPTURED]
Health: 23%
Moves: - Disable - Aqua Tail

Your Pokemon: Metagross
Nature: Hardy
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Clear Body
Stats Changes:
Health: 1oo%

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Sec
Location: Woods
Area Effects: The sun is low in the sky, it will be getting dark soon.

Encounters Remaining: 13

Current Wild Pokemon:

Pokemon Encountered: #1 Scyther - Kecleon

Pokemon Captured: Adamant Scyther - Mild Kecleon

Items: Max Potion (x5), Full Heal (x2), Parkball (x4), Superball (x4), Hyperball (x3), Perfume: Night Stalker (x1), Baby Teeth (x1), Drifblim Costume (x1), Pokeplayer (x1), Scyther Pokeplayer Disc (x1)

Pokemon Stats

Infernape ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Male / Blaze / Modest
TM: Brick Break, Earthquake, Grass Knot, Hidden Power(Ground), Roar, Shadow Claw, Sleep Talk, Solarbeam, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Substitute, Swords Dance, Will-O-Wisp
BM: Fake Out, Thunderpunch

Metagross ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Genderless / Clear Body / Hardy
TM: Brick Break, Earthquake, Explosion, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot, Hidden Power(Dragon), Protect, Psych Up, Shadow Ball, Substitute
BM: Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Trick
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