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Default Re: Cutting Down Size of Clans

Originally Posted by Ahlat View Post
I agree with Scuba. We should lower down the number of people. Though that doesn't necessarily mean the battling centre will be active again, it could help though. Members need to become more active and then this idea could work better.

About who will see this followed through, I don't think that would be very hard to do. The clan leaders just need to see this followed through. It could be like a new rule to clans.
almost all the clan leaders have seen this its gotten a mixed review. The idea is good but adjusting it might make more people happy. Scuba said what most of us were thinking, things need to adjust. Now my view would be to test clans 15 members, or give it a month and see what happens. because activity is really starting to pick up a lot, there are 3 new clans in last couple of weeks. At this rate we might not have to adjust anything.

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