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Default Re: Cutting Down Size of Clans

Originally Posted by Ahlat View Post
Testing the clans at 15 members is a good idea. We should try it. Though, would the clan leaders have to cut down on members for the fifteen? Or will we it just be reduced with by the grendfather rule. Also about the new clans, they might not necessarily work out. Even if they work out I still think we should try lowering the number, but to 15 like you suggested.
yes the numbers would have to drop at this point so we test it out at fifteen members a clan. it could go one of two ways,
1st if it works out, then with the infulx of new battlers you would see the appearence of new clans.
2nd if it didnt work out and 15 was still to many members we could drop it down another three or four to see if that will motivate more people to start clans

I think based on current trends we will see a huge spike in new members in the next two months, which means tons of new clans. The thing i worry about is that if we drop the number to low during times of inactivity clans would be mostly dead. just some things to think about

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