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Default Re: Cutting Down Size of Clans

Originally Posted by Mystery The Fated View Post
To be honest, I think 15 is currently too high. I say this because "dropping" 3-4 people from each clan wouldn't be significant enough to increase clan activity in the battle center. I'd side more with the 10-12 afromentioned proposal.

Oh, and like scuba said. Make dsl a friggin mod. Every other moderator in this section is never around other than one occasionally. (Add to poll steve)
Sorry mystery i have not saved up enough posts to buy that mod prize..LOL seriously man it means a lot you think i would be good at that

here are some things to think about, remember that i am for this change. just thought you should know the only bad thing about it that i could think of

The clan index rules were posted to give everyone a chance to battle, for the most part they have worked at least in my eyes. The rules do not favor smaller clans though
This is going to be the big con to worry about here, based on the activity of members you can never predict when people are going to just leave or stop posting
USB faced the problem of hanging enough members to be a clan but not enough members to battle in two wars back to back. Now teo made the rule so clans would give everyone a chance to battle, because sadly some people would only ever put there best out there with out ever giving the other battlers a try. If we decrease the number to say ten we run a big risk of clans not being able to battle in wars that often because it would be breaking the current rule. For this reason I suggested trying out the clans at 15 and seeing how they handle it at that level. That’s not to say it cant be dropped again but we have to really consider how often are battling center becomes inactive.

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