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Default Re: Bye, PE2k!

Originally Posted by SaviorSephiroth View Post
I never thought that this time would come, but it's time for me to leave this forum I love so much.
I would like to thank some people and some of my friends here on PE2k.
3 long years here, huh? haha.

spenny3 - Thanks to you and your amazing clan, I started my story on PE2k. We miss you man!

ScubaTheDiverman - One my of my greatest friends here. This guy also helped me to build my first clan.
Thanks a lot for everything man and I hope we keep talking and record battles for YT!

Ryan Nissan - I love you brother. So far one of the best battlers around here. Nuff said.

Shun Goku Satsu, FlygonRuler, Stalk the Night, and other members of "The Elites" - Love you guys!

Sean (RoflTacos/Brainstorm) - Dude, we haven't talked in these times but I really want to say thanks for everything. You're one of my true friends around here and the UU champion! haha.

Broderick - LOVE THIS GUY. He helped me a lot with my channel and is an AWESOME battler. You guys must check him out on Youtube.
Great friend.

-Holland- (Diarago) - Smart guy. Thanks for everything

Fierce Deity - Dude, you haven't been post these times but, thanks to you, I made some great friends here.

Limitless - Awesome battler. Dude, you just rule.

fullmetal - You're the most sexy guy here, haha.

Niro - Man, why I love you so much? haha. True friend. Great conversations on MSN.
I hope we keep talking forever!

Teo - Great mod. Thanks for the support!

Dark Shadow Lord - Dude, you're amazing.
You made one of the best clans around here and is an awesome leader. I just wanna say congratulations and thanks for everything.
You were a noob, but now, you are a legend.

Skippy The Great - We haven't talked so much but, I know you are one of the bests battlers here.

If I forgot someone, sorry.

That's all folks!

You'll definently be rembered by all of us SS. When I say the thread I was shocked but I know that we all have to move on sometimes... You were always some one I looked up to in the community because of your battling skills and over all epicness :D. It's sad to see you go :'(
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