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Default Re: Individual RP: Flammenwerfer


Meteor Valley
Ranger Leo & Trainer Shawn



"Er...Pichu, plot some more nasty things, again, with another Thundershock! Scizor, protect Pichu with your Swords Dance, followed by a defensive X Scissor!"

The Pichu quickly began to glow again, thinking of anything dark as fast as it could. Its eyes began to glow a darker red color as his cheeks began to spark. Then it fired a jolt of electricity at the Absol, which appeared to immobilze it in some places. Meanwhile, Scizor mimiced a similar, yet differnet dance as he moved in front of the Pichu, his pincers glowing a bright green color as he prepared to stop the attack.

"At the last second possible, counter-attack!" Shawn shouted. The Scizor already knew what to do as it slashed in the air, throwing one of the Absols off balance, slamming into the ground right next to the Scizor and Pichu. The other one was slightly paralyzed, but it slammed into the Scizor with less force than expected. Both of the Absols were panting as they regained their stances.


Battle Stats;
Absol A 47% Para - Absol B - 40%
Bounce - Bounce

Pichu 100% SpA4 - Scizor 85% Att2
Nasty Plot/Thundershock - Roost/X-Scissor

Wild Pokemon;
Absol - Absol

Your Pokemon

Current Stats;

Trainer: Shawn Harbitt
Location: Meteor Valley.
Area Effects: None
Encounters Remaining: 11

Pokemon Stats:

Scizor [Male, Adamant, Techncian]
TM/HM: Roost.
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Battle]

Pichu [Female, Static, Jolly]
TM/HM: None
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Pokeball]

Total Items; PokePlayer, 1 Intermediate Disk (Unused), Hyperball x 1, Superball x 3 & Parkball x 1.

Total Seen Pokemon; Absol, Cleffa, ???

Total Captured Pokemon; None
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