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Default Re: Individual RP: Bee

“A Snorlax?” Sec said sounding surprised. “Umm… wow… I didn’t even know these were in here! Do you wanna walk around it since its sleeping? You could always wake it up and catch it too…” I looked at the sleeping Snorlax, battling it was not going to be easy since it was really big, but I knew we could take it. I looked at Ranger Sec and nodded, 'definitely' I whispered.

I grabbed a fiery red Pokeball from my waist and tossed it in front of me. "Let's go Infernape, let's get a sneak attack." I whispered. "Wake it up with Focus Punch! Focus, if it wakes before, don't let it hit you." A tall, red fire monkey stood before me. He closed his eyes, breathing in and out slowly as it concentrated on the Snorlax. Then, his eyes shot open, glowing a bright blue color as his eyes were locked onto the Snorlax, charging forward, moving so fast that he looked like an reddish orange blur. He was closing in on the Snorlax, quietly as possible.
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