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Default Re: [T]he [D]eadly [L]egacy ~WE'RE FAR FROM FINISHED!~

Originally Posted by ScubatheDiverman View Post
Nope I don't. Man I haven't ev train in a long time xD I sort of miss it....*remembers working on team for months, then scraping it and starting over* I don't.


Brainstorm left the clan and all the other members that are inactive are put in the inactive members list, you can read the details on the members list post. So right now we only have six members, so we can war if we want, but I'll leave that up to y'all.
I think we should wait a bit, to be honest. There have been 2 new clans that sprouted up recently iirc, I know one of them being Endless Possibilities.
Although I'm actually not going to the VGC's. I just don't have enough time to put a team together, and after breeding for 3 hours, the action replay made my game freeze and I lost everything. That was about the final straw, so I just said **** it, I'm going next year.