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Default Re: Individual RP: Flammenwerfer


Meteor Valley
Ranger Leo & Trainer Shawn



"Hrm. Mightyena is alright...but this Poochyena looks pretty young. Good sir, let us leave it alone and head into the cave, shall we?" Shawn eagerly said. I nodded as we began to head towards the opening in the side of the hill. As we entered, a strange mist went through our bodies, sending a chill down my back. The mist was then sucked into a mysterious looking rock with symbols carved in it. The odd rock sent off a dark pulse as it glowed a deep purple color. Suddenly, about a hundred or so ghastly entities drifted into the cave and got sucked into the rock. I could hear several voices whispering all around us, it was a little freighting, but also exciting.

The rock began shining brighter and brighter until it was blinding. When it cleared up, a purple ghastly firgure began to form. A purple vortex looking Pokemon with green orbs of light circling the face appeared before us. It had a sly, evil smile on its face. Then, it hit me. That rock was an Odd Keystone, and this was a Spiritomb. I was surprised I didn't catch it sooner.

"That is Spiritomb, and it looks like you don't have a choice but to battle it, be careful with it and its sly tricks." I warned.


Battle Stats;

Pichu 76% Burn - Scizor 85%

Wild Pokemon:

Spiritomb - ???

Your Pokemon

Current Stats;

Trainer: Shawn Harbitt
Location: Meteor Valley.
Area Effects: None
Encounters Remaining: 8

Pokemon Stats:

Scizor [Male, Adamant, Techncian]
TM/HM: Roost.
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Battle]

Pichu [Female, Static, Jolly]
TM/HM: None
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Pokeball]

Total Items; PokePlayer, 1 Intermediate Disk (Unused), Hyperball x 1, Superball x 1 & Parkball x 1.

Total Seen Pokemon; Absol, Cleffa, Absol, Absol, Cleffa, Poochyena, Spiritomb

Total Captured Pokemon; Calm Absol 30% - Careful Absol 35%
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