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Default Re: Individual RP: Flammenwerfer

Shawn's Scizor got back up from its nasty counter-attack. It seemed really hurt.

"Scizor..." Shawn was worried. What might happen to his Pokemon?

"Scizor, use Roost! Then Swords Dance again, followed by a good Wing Attack!"

Scizor nodded in agreement. Suddenly, its whole body illuminated. It was like the sun itself had entered the cave. Its scratches seemed to be healing. Or were they? Shawn couldn't tell for the light was blinding.

Scizor then again shone, but this time only its strong arms were glowing bright. It flailed them around, faster than before. The roof of the cave began to tremble. The sheer might of the dance was almost too much.

Crack! Scizor stopped dancing and flapped its wings in a split second. It charged at the wondrous Pokemon in front of it. Tremors formed in the sides and ground of the cave as the wind from its wings pushed against them. Scizor traveled faster than that of a Dodrio, or so it seemed. How would this turn out in the end?

"Alright, this has got to do a number on it..."
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