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Default Re: Individual RP: Flammenwerfer


Meteor Valley
Ranger Leo & Trainer Shawn




"Scizor, use Roost! Then Swords Dance again, followed by a good Wing Attack!" Shawn said without wasting anymore time.

Scizor began glowing again, except this time it was healing itself. The dents and scratches were clearing up. Then everything but his arms stopped glowing. You could feel the power coming off of it, it was amazing. You could also see that the Spiritomb also wanted this power, as it began to copy the Scizor, but as soon as it was done, the Scizor slammed it with its glowing, bright green wings. The Spiritomb quickly disappeared, returning the favor to the metal scythe Pokemon. It slammed into the Scizor pretty hard.


Battle Stats;

Scizor 75% Att4 - Spiritomb 30% Att4

Wild Pokemon:

Spiritomb - ???

Your Pokemon

Current Stats;

Trainer: Shawn Harbitt
Location: Meteor Valley.
Area Effects: None
Encounters Remaining: 8

Pokemon Stats:

Scizor [Male, Adamant, Techncian]
TM/HM: Roost.
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Battle]

Pichu [Female, Static, Jolly]
TM/HM: None
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Pokeball]

Total Items; PokePlayer, 1 Intermediate Disk (Unused), Hyperball x 1, Superball x 1 & Parkball x 1.

Total Seen Pokemon; Absol, Cleffa, Absol, Absol, Cleffa, Poochyena, Spiritomb

Total Captured Pokemon; Calm Absol 30% - Careful Absol 35%
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