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Default Re: [T]he [D]eadly [L]egacy .:Recruiting:. [6/15]

I think that it would be a fine idea; as of late we're both somewhat struggling clans, and maybe a merge would be in both clans' best interest. BlueJello's a really cool guy, I've been talking to him a lot the last few days on AIM when I was home sick. He would bring a lot of originality and new ideas to the clan in terms of battling; I ran into him on shoddy on Wednesday and he was using all NU's... almost successfully. He had an interesting quagsire set.
Another thing that would be good, but also bad, is their members' timezones. Most of their members I think are in England or around there, so in the GMT timezone. This would allow greater versatility in wars, to accommodate for opponent's timezones to help speed up wars.
I also have some worrisome news; for the moment at least I misplaced my Heart Gold. The one time I keep it out of my DS and out of a case, I lose it. xD I set it on my nightstand when I had my diamond out in my DS while breeding. However, I went to get it earlier but it wasn't there... So I checked the floor--- didn't see it. I'm worried it fell down my heating vent. o-o
EDIT: I think The Endless Legacy sounds pretty cool. However, it will make us look like losers if we don't really have an endless legacy. xD We could also revive an old clan... *coughtheelitescough*