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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Invader Zim and Gir (Assistant character similar to Olimar's Pikmin) Zim also can have two appearances depending on color, two are Zim in normal colors and then red, the other is Zim disguised as a human in normal colors and then blue.
Game series: Invader Zim (TV Show)

Special Attacks:
Neutral B:
Up B: SpiderPAK
Zim extends the legs of his PAK and flails around. (If touching Ground) If he touches a wall, he grabs onto it and can climb along on the ceiling or wall, and if he hits a player, the opponent is knocked backwards with damage. If he is falling through the air, the legs shoot out and grab onto the nearest platform.
Right B: Jumps on Gir and jets forward a varying distance. Distance depends on how long the player goes without using the move similar to Wario's fart.
Down B: Zim attempts to go down his teletoilet but gets stuck and it explodes. Water and shraphnel go everywhere, and the range and damage of the explosion depend on how long the player holds Down B. If held too long,
Final Smash: Robo attack!
Zim jumps into the sky and comes down in a gaint robot. It can fire lasers and fly around. Lasers are uncontrollable, but movement can be controlled with difficulty. Players who are stepped on are immediatly stomped into the ground. This Smash is similar to ROB's final smash.
Taunt 1: Gir screams "TACOS!"
Taunt 2: Zim either cleans his fake contact lenses, or sits down and begins eating waffles depending on appearance.
Taunt 3 (Gamecube controller only): Zim's PAK malfuntions and he dances around.

Regular Attacks:
Dash A:
Strong A (all directions):
Smash A (horizontal):
Smash A (up):
Smash A (down):

Name: Ringo Star, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison (Down B switches them out)
Game series: The Beatles (Band)
Appearance: Ringo: moves around behind a drumset which is on a small wheeled platform. John: Normal John, normal player walk. Paul: Normal Paul, normal player walk. George: Slow movement, always dragging around an amp. His attacks do more damage than other players.

Special Attacks:
Neutral B: Ringo: Throws drumsticks doing medium damage and yells "I GOT BLISTAHS ON ME FINGERS!" Paul: Bashes enemy over the head with his bass guitar doing medium damage. John: Sings a small part of any Beatles song, putting nearby enemies to sleep or making them dizzy depending on the song. George: Whips out guitar and starts playing a chord procession. The longer the players holds B, the more powerful it gets, after releasing, he spins around with the guitar. If held totally maxxed out, he spins wickedly fast and can fly into the air, but is left dizzy when it finishes. Heavy damage.
Up B: Ringo: Bass drum explodes, sending him flying. Does heavy damage to opponents, but flight directions varies. Paul: Diamonds appear above him and he jumps very high. If the diamonds appear on an opponent, they do massive damage. John: A giant hill appears and lifts all players standing upon it into the air. No damage to others, but will always save the player from falling death. George: Jumps up into the air and rapidly bike pedals in mid-air, sometimes giving distance. Similar to Yoshi's Up-B.
Right B: Ringo: Hits the cowbell on his drums while zipping across the screen. Medium damage. Paul: Turns into a huge walrus and slowly creeps across the platform. Enemies are smashed into the ground if they are hit, but they take no damage. John: Turns into a train labeled "910" and drives across the screen. Enemies take high knockback but low damage if they are hit by this fast moving attack. George: Unplugs his guitar from his amp and powerslides across the screen. He must then return to his amp and plug in again, but if enemies are hit, they take heavy damage.
Down B: Cannonball Drop- K. Rool slams the ground and an air raid of cannonballs cascades on the player.
Final Smash: Beatles Reunion
All the Beatles come together and a small bit of a random song. Depending on the song, effects vary and include sleep, dizzyness, damage, and knockback.

Regular Attacks:
AAA: All: Punch, kick, and then whack with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Dash A: Runs crazily and smacks the enemy.
Strong A (all directions): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Grab: Normal Grab, exception for Ringo who can't do a grab but instead runs them over with his drumset on wheels.
Smash A (horizontal): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Smash A (up): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Smash A (down): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).



Thanks Mw!
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