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Default Re: Official PE2K Tournament 2010 Reboot ! Open for Shoddy/Wifi *Sticky Please*

So i heer you like elf..kips? o_o

Anywho shoddy plox.

Username: Dark_Azelf
How we can contact you?: You know where to find me ;D. PM or Vm here or go on the Pokecommunity Shoddy Server since im mostly there or on PC forums (same username, im a mod so its really not hard to find me). If you really cant find me im on smogon, username is Sir Azelf or i can give you my msn upon request.
Timezone: GMT
Shoddy user name: Smogon : D-A, Sir Azelf. Pokecommunity Server : Dark Azelf, Dark_Azelf, Cute Azelf.

Records Gen 4;
OU Shoddy → #2 on ladder. (Smogon)
UU Shoddy → #1 on ladder. (Smogon)
NU Shoddy → #1 on ladder. (CAP)
Gen 4 WIFI Record → W ~92| L 8
Records Gen 5;
OU B/W → #1 on ladder. (Smogon)
LU B/W #1 Ladder (PO)
GSC OU → #3 on ladder. (PO)

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