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Default Into Your Character's Skin Role Playing Guide

Into Your Character’s Skin

A Role Playing Guide by Neo Pikachu

I’d like to welcome you to “Into Your Character’s Skin,” a guide for role-playing that I created to help people develop their role-playing skills, both for creating role plays as well as taking part in them. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll get a better idea of how a really good role player creates role plays and how they go about taking part in them. Also, I’ve written and have taken part in all kinds of role plays for many years, and a lot of people have enjoyed the style and format that I tend to use time and time again, and continue to improve.

A year ago, I had written “Taking Your Writing to the Next Level,” a guide to help anyone and everyone with their fan fiction writing, as well as any other future stories they decide to write. Many forums have a similar guide, but this will be the first time I’ve heard of a guide being created for role playing. Like fan fiction writing, role playing is a league of its own but still involves similar thought and planning. And while you make think it’s more of a thing for fun, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve engaged in role playing exercises when dealing with my past jobs. Plus, in any future endeavor, it may help you think “outside the box,” when dealing with people and other situations.

But for the most part, it’s meant to be fun. So read on and I hope that this will help make your future role playing activities more fun and interesting.

Formatting And Making It Look Right

Like when writing a fan fiction, Role Play posts need to be formatted as well so they look right and presentable. A role play post that is hard to read and understand can make the difference between someone else being able to understand and act upon your character’s actions and decisions, and them having to work out what you were trying to say and make a possible mistake.

Type your RP Posts in Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program, even though I know you’re probably thinking you can do without it. A Role Player who takes their role playing serious usually does this to help catch spelling mistakes, change words to more effective synonyms and reduce word redundancy, as well as see their entire post while typing it out as opposed to only seeing a tiny bit of it in the message box. Also, in case you don’t finish, you can always save what you’ve done and continue later.

Tabbing – Unfortunately, tabbing doesn’t work in most forums, and it doesn’t work at Pokémon Elite 2000. Instead, press the Enter or Return key twice to break your paragraphs into easy to read blocks of text.

Caps Lock – Only use this in the case where your character is shouting. But even then, try to avoid using it. Exclamation points at the end of a sentence never hurt anyone when creating shouts or warnings.

BB Code (Forum Code) – This is used to make your words italic, bold, or underlined, as well as many other uses. While RPing, you probably won’t use this all too much but it will come in handy when creating a sign-up form. Also, it’s best to include code while you’re typing your RP post in MS Word so you don’t forget to use the necessary code while you’re copying and pasting your text into the message box.

Character Limit – The character limit for a single post on the Pokémon Elite 2000 forum is 10,000. However, as a role player, if you’re going over this limit, you might want to consider cutting it down a bit. The good thing about role plays is that if you didn’t get around to describing everything in your first post, it doesn’t hurt to bring it up in your second or third. But don’t lay down an enormous amount of information in multiple posts for others to read when they really want to get into their own part of the story. The best kinds of RP Posts go from 2,500 to 7,500 characters.

Copying and Pasting

To take the text you typed in your word processing program into the message box on the forum, first highlight all the text you typed in word processing program and then use the macro CTRL+C to copy all the text onto your clipboard. Then, go back to the forum message box, make sure your cursor is flashing in the message box, and then press CTRL+V to paste your text into the box.

Using the Preview Button

I recommend using the preview post button to look your work over to make sure it looks right and to make sure your BB Code is working the way you want it. If something looks incorrect, you can always change it before you post it, rather than having someone else look it over and realize you’ve made the mistake.

Also, using the Preview Button processes any BB Code you’re using. Trust me, I’ve had BB Code screw up on me before from one little mistake, and thanks to the Preview Button, I’ve saved myself from the embarrassment by correcting it there and then without anyone else ever seeing it.

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