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Default Re: Into Your Character's Skin Role Playing Guide


Bunnying is the notion of taking over someone else’s character and/or making them do something that they didn’t agree to or never did in the first place. It’s actually a whole lot worse than it sounds. Imagine having a competing role player forcing you into making a negligent action that would cost you dearly so they could get the upper hand. Their role play entry may be perfectly realistic if read all by itself as a part of a story, yet in a role play, it becomes incredibly unfair. Unless someone gives you consent to bunny them for a limited time, do not say what other role players do unless they have already performed those actions in the posts before yours.

Giving Consent to Someone to Bunny You – There may be instances where you may be unable to participate in the RP due to outside circumstances, whether it be for a short limited time or for the rest of the duration of the RP. In this case, you may request for someone to bunny your character for the duration of time that you’re gone. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you do this, though. If you’re only going to be away for less than three days, let your character enter a semi-passive state, don’t be quick to let someone else bunny your character unless it’s totally necessary to keep the RP moving at a steady pace. Also, giving someone the privilege to bunny your character should only take place when the role play has already started and has developed considerably since the release date. If you’re giving bunny rights to another person very early in the RP, you probably should have thought twice before joining the RP in the first place…

Give the rights to someone you can trust – If you have an ally in the RP, give them the bunny rights before anyone else. Make sure you can trust them with your character. Also, make sure you give the rights to one person only. If given to multiple people, your character is going to be pulled in multiple directions, damaging the character’s personality and sense of reasoning. Unless you really don’t plan on coming back to the role play, make sure a trusted role player is in charge of your character until you come back to continue.

Being Given Consent to Bunny Someone Else’s Character – If someone else requests that you be the one to bunny their character while they are away, there are a few things you should remember. The best way to bunny someone else’s character is to read their sign-up form carefully, read the past entries of the person who the character belonged to, and role play the character as if it was your own. Be sure to keep the personality of the character consistent, and don’t make them do things that they definitely wouldn’t have agreed to before. Also, bunnied characters should only have a supporting role in the role play. Even if they were leaders before the switch, let someone else take charge and have the bunnied character provide support and not continue to serve as a major character.

And most of all, ask yourself if what you’re doing with someone’s character is something you’d like to see done with yours.

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