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Default Re: Into Your Character's Skin Role Playing Guide

Creating Your Own Role Play

Before you really even think making your own role play, take the time out to consider and read Taking Your Writing to the Next Level, or at least the parts entitled “Putting the pieces together” and “Understanding Plot.” While this is a fan fiction guide, these sections will help you understand what’s going on when it comes to plot design and formatting.

Also, make sure you understand role playing and what goes behind it. Don’t hesitate to look for the old War RP threads and see how some of our best role players handle many different types of situations. Practice role playing yourself too, rather than just jumping in and creating your own role play.

When it comes to the plot of a role play, your RP should already be in the conflict stage when the RP actually begins or at least very close to it. In a fan fiction, exposition usually covers the setting and the characters. Now instead of that, your beginning description to the RP is the exposition, and the sign-up forms are what will tap in each role player’s character when it comes to revealing background. But, even then, there are other things to consider when making a new RP.
  • Make the storyline background very detailed. The role players should have a good idea what the situation at hand is, and should be prepared to dive into the role play as their own characters, knowing who they are, where they are, and how they are involved. If the role players involved have no idea what’s going on, how can you even begin?
  • Avoid clichés. This is the process of using a concept that is way overused. Try not to involve groups or teams already used countless of times, such as Team Rocket or Team Magma/Aqua. And try to stay away from the “new trainer journey” where role players choose their first Pokémon and start all over again trying to get badges. These have been done so many times that most people don’t find them fun or enjoyable anymore.
  • Think outside the box. There is a lot of detail and imagination that has yet to even be considered when it comes to the Pokémon universe. Don’t be too quick to settle for the typical RP idea, because the only things you’ll get are typical role players with a typical storyline. Using other video games or movies to forge ideas is a great place to start, but don't make it look too obvious you got your ideas from there. The PHT Virus RP I created was in fact inspired by the Resident Evil series, as well as borrowing the concept of hybrids that I had seen used in other role plays. Put them together, and a new RP was born, one that stayed away from the typical and didn’t involve the already used Team Rocket or similar ideas done before like that. And in support of that, role players were not in control of determining when they were infected, a totally outside dice roll was used for it. Ideas like this are what create the best role plays. Never be afraid to try something new, no matter how strange or different it may seem.

Once you’re done thinking of your RP idea, move on to designing the sign up sheet. This too, is something that is easily overlooked. Make sure your sign up sheet includes all the needed details, as well as details that you think help add character support to all your participating role players. Name, description, and history are definitely things that should show up on the sign up sheet. Occupation, abilities, and proficiencies are supportive, but really aren’t necessary for some role plays. However, for others, they could be really helpful to include. Choose wisely before making a final decision regarding what supporting details should or shouldn’t be included.

As far as Pokémon number goes with regards to how many Pokémon a role player is allowed to have, I usually use three. It allows role players to choose Pokémon they really want to have and go the extra length of adding detail and history to their own Pokémon, which is even better. Making a role player have six Pokémon usually results in them just choosing Pokémon and leaving it at that. A role player who wrote histories for three Pokémon may not feel up to creating histories for six. Think about that too. Or perhaps, that number could be zero. Ever consider that a possible idea for a role play could be where the role players are Pokémon themselves?

Final Considerations

In time, you’ll also get more experience from creating role plays and role playing in those created by other people. You may discover some ideas that work great and people really enjoy, and there will be times that you’ll find maybe some others just aren’t as good as you thought they would be. But as long as you’re willing to keep trying to discover new ideas, there are no limits when it comes to role playing.

And with that said, never be afraid to let other people dive into the realm of your own imagination, and don’t forget to take a dip into their own creative worlds. You will learn from the skills of others, and when the time comes, there will be someone out there who will learn from you and admire the work that you’ve created.

Also, I’m leaving this guide open for anyone to make recommendations. I’ll consider each post carefully, so that if you feel I’m missing something or something should be changed, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll give consideration to each person.

Take care, and good luck to you in all your future role playing!

- Neo Pikachu

Please respect the original creator’s work by not copying or stealing any part of this guide. If you want to use it or reference it, please contact me first.

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