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Default Re: Individual RP: Gamedude


Craig tossed a Superball at Tangrowth, hoping to catch the vine clad Pokemon while it was down. As the Superball reached Tangrowth however, two vines flew from the Pokemon's back and swatted the ball back into the trainer's hands.

"That's not good! Want to try again?"


Trainer: Craig
Location: Botanic Gardens

Area Effects: None
8 Encounters Remaining


Pokemon: Nidoking @ 40.00%
Nickname: King
Gender: Male
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Docile

Pokemon: Electivire @ FNT
Nickname: Shocker
Gender: Male
Ability: Motor Drive
Nature: Jolly

Items: 2x Super Ball, 7x Park Ball

Current Pokemon: ? Tangrowth(?/???) @ 23.19% [PSN] [Ingrain]

Captured: Impish Tangela, Docile Bulbasaur,

Encountered:? Bold Hoppip(?/???), ? Impish Tangela(?/Chlorophyll), ? Docile Furret(?/???), Impish Ivysaur(?/???),? Rash Torterra(?/???@61.43%), ? Jolly Seedot, ? Docile Bulbasaur,
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