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Default Re: [PVS] A Possible Alternative to Smogon Tiers

Hi all. I was going to have Max pass info along, but I figured it might be easier for me to jsut post here, too. Glad to see there is some itnerest being generated!

Just to answer a few questiosn I've already seen here:

1.) Ubers are not "official" yet other than Garchomp. Unfortunately, mathematical equations can't cover everything, so a few special rules had to be made. One was already made for Scizor because of it's unique STAB Bullet Punch/Technician combo which I haven't entirely documented yet. Something similar will need to be done for Kyogre's Drizzle/Scarf/Water Spout combo where value will need added. Machamp will most likely get a boost too because of his unique No Guard/Dynamic Punch combo, since taking No GUard by itself into account didn't seem to do enough.

This will all come out in testing, obviously. The goal is to have a system where there is as little special exceptions as possible.

2.) I am heavily leaning towards making a new Stealth Rock weakness modifier to subtract off final values based on typing. Some values may not be accurate because that is not taken into account yet. So, some will msot likely be taken down a few notches. I'll probably wait until I have a few more pokemon figured out before I implement it, because I would nee to make a modifier that is fair across the board. As of now, a 10% reduction (rounded up) in value for 2x weakness and a 20% reduction in value (rounded up) for 4 x weakness sounds fair. It would drop Beedrill down one point from a 9 to an 8, for instance, but take Charizard down 4 points from a 19 to a 15. Not sure if that particular modifier will work, though. Just wanted you to know it is being worked on.

Anyway, I'm more than willing to answer questions and take suggestions. Jsut thought I might as well make my presence known here as well.
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