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Default Re: [PVS] A Possible Alternative to Smogon Tiers

Originally Posted by NTT View Post
I really like the idea, but I don't like whatever formulae are used (Serebii forums won't open on my iPhone). I'm suspicious about this current system, which puts jirachi above garchomp and xatu above suicune.

I'd be all for this if we tried doing it as a forum from the ground up. The current values are far too erratic and look like they're based on theorymon rather than actual playtesting.
It is mostly theory at this stage. The main theory is comparing a Pokemon to all other pokemon in a vacuum "first turn out," testing it's effectiveness based upon a chance of facing off a variety of other opponents rather than basing it just off of possible opponents in a tier. However, there is rprobably no 100% effective way of measuring effectiveness a few turns out. An Ursaring right out of the gate is different than an Ursaring with Quick Feet activated and a Swords Dance under its belt facing a new switch in.

The equations are just a base, but I wanted to make a system where things can easily be "tacked on" so to speak. Stealth Rock damage is a good example, because I've yet to take that into account. But, I tried to mathematically take things like typing, movepool, support options, etc. into account and am looking to tweak it as it goes on. So, versatility is factored in as much as possible. Jirachi may be higher because of it's sheer versatility and options availble, whereas maybe Machamp isn't as high because it is one dimensional (even though it might do reall well with its one dimension). It's trying to compare abilities with a single system because it is otherwise difficult to make a baseline comparison between Blissey's walling capability and Garchomp's offesnive capability, for instance. It is trying to answer the question "Can Blissey take a hit as well as Garchomp can throw a punch?" rather than posing the question of comparing how hard they both punch.

This is still early stage. It's just now fleshed out enough to playtest a bit.

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