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Default Re: [PVS] A Possible Alternative to Smogon Tiers

Originally Posted by Dragoon952 View Post
That's the kind of thing I'm trying to sort out. If that is the case and they run rampant, then there should be a quantitative answer to why they do so well.

For instance, if they do so well because of the support they get, then there shouldn't be a problem because that has nothing to do with their value individually. Also, if they run rampant because of the most likely opponents in a tier, it might not have the same applicability in this system because there is a much wider range of possible opponents. Magnezone in OU probably isn't worried about running into a Camerupt.

There is another possibility in terms of how I took typing into account. Offensively, the offensive type modifier I generated for Fighting is middle of the road at best. There could be an equation problem in terms of how I take types into account.

Lots of possibilities, but can't know until some hard data comes in.
im for testing this system if its only testing it at this point because i have a feeling that more then one of these pokemon is going to be moved up or down in value

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