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Default Re: [PVS] A Possible Alternative to Smogon Tiers

Originally Posted by Dark Shadow Lord View Post
im for testing this system if its only testing it at this point because i have a feeling that more then one of these pokemon is going to be moved up or down in value
That's the plan. The stuff I did isn't set in stone. More of a starting point. Need to see where the tweaks need to be and if I'm missing anything.

The first big change I want to implement is Stealth Rock damage. I'm just trying to figure out a way to implement it. So, how about this for a first question: how should stealth rock damage affect the value of the pokemon? Should a 2x weakness subtract 25% off the value and a 4x weaknes subtract 50% of the value? Or should the peanlties be less than that?

That alone might clear up some glaring issues. The flying bugs, normal fliers, etc. will definitely be moved down a bit.
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