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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by Masami View Post
Marth does alot of things for his own gain, but that's unimportant. His official/elite status shouldn't really come into general things, he, in all fairness, is just a normal person.
You're right, he is just a normal person... but with a higher responsibility and is an icon for which other people, especially new comers, look up to.

I do believe the park is 'broken'. I couldn't believe the fact that as one person and another person started around the same time, one person's posts were not amazing, but had some quality (grammar wasn't an issue, nor was spelling, and descriptions were pretty good) while the others was... shall we say, crappy; grammar problems were everywhere, spelling/type-o's were evadable, and there was barley any description and was had to be told to use more description multiple times, yet they've already left with very rare Pokémon, while the other person (with good posts) is still on their first or second encounter with a not so rare Pokémon.

Yea, maybe the level of activity of the refs play a part in how fast they get done, but still; one person works hard, gets off alright, another person does ****, walks away with splendor. I agree with the minimum character requirement, and the rolls being based of quality, that'll make it so just throwing in 3.5k and posting for a month or less won't get you a Snorlax, an Absol, and a Porygon-Z.

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