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Default Re: Front Gate

Name: Rastapopulous
Entrance Fee: PARK PASSSS
Location: Abandoned Power Plant
*Style: Individual RP
Extra Pokemon Permit: I added 1k
Total Money: 22,500k
Total Cost: 1k
Change: 21.5k
Total Items:
6 Park Balls
5 Super Balls
3 Hyper Balls

5 Max Potion
5 Full Heals

Sneasel Disc (I don't need it though xD, its leftover)

Species- Tyranitar
Nickname- Shmataro
Gender- Female
Ability- Sand Stream
TMs/HMs- Brick Break, Rock Polish, Substitute, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Iron Tail, Avalanche, Hidden Power [Steel], Thunder Wave
MT/BM/SM- Dragon Dance, Superpower, Aqua Tail, Counter

Pokemon: Snorlax
Nickname: Winston Churchill
Gender: Male
Ability: Thick Fat
Nature: Naughty
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Curse, Earthquake, Return, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Rock Slide, Protect, Surf

Species- lickylicky
Nickname- Sour Patch
Gender- Female
Ability-Oblivious/Own Tempo
TMs/HMs-Substitute, Surf, Swords Dance, Shadow Ball, Attract, EQ, Brick Break, Tbolt, EQ, Ice Beam, Explosion, Psych Up
MT/BM/SM-Hammer Arm. Belly Drum, Wish

Species- Gengar
Nickname- Scourge
Gender- Male
Ability- Levitate
TMs/HMs- Substitute, Protect, Hidden Power [Fire], Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Focus Blast, Psych Up, Taunt, Will-o-wisp
MT/BM/SM- Trick, Pain Split

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