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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Secs-|_

Sec wandered throughout the dank caves of Meteor Valley, looking for some way out into the moonlight. Twists. Turns, chasms, the whole bit; he had gone through it all and they were still no further to escape then when they started.

’Let’s take a shortcut through the tunnel!’ he had said to his Infernape.

What a great idea that had been. They had now been wandering the cold and dank depths of the Meteor Valley cave system for around two hours. Sec’s Infernape now stood just in front of him, lighting the way with its fiery mane. The trainer’s only other companion on this mission was a mischievous ghost; what a great partner on a trip through a scary cave.

As the trio stepped, or floated in Rotom’s case, around the next bend they each spouted a sigh of relief. There, at the end of this hall, was light. Sec ran ahead of the other two, excited to finally get some fresh air. The dusty oxygen within the caves could really take a toll on somebody’s lungs. The trainer darted out of the cave and just before taking the biggest breath he possibly could, toppled over a large black dog.

Sec opened his eyes to see a very familiar ranger, a Houndoom, an Infernape, and a Rotom all staring down at him. They all looked like they were about to start giggling, although Houndoom looked slightly annoyed that he had been run into.

“Hiya!” Sec said with an embarrassed smile.
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