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Default Re: Individual RP: Zombie Muse


While it wasn't Protect, Arcy's Reflect managed to shield him from a large portion of the Shadow Pulses, so he only took a fraction of the damage. Arcy watched carefully as Titus aimed the Hyperball at Haunter and threw it with one swift motion. As it flew through the air, Arcy took a deep breath and let out a thunderous roar that sent small blue shock waves through the air, which got behind the Hyperball and sent it rocketing towards Haunter.

Unfortunately for Titus, Haunter had decided that he wasn't quite finished yet. As the Hyperball sped towards him he focused all of his attention on it, and with a reasonably powerful Psychic he managed to stop the ball dead in its tracks. The Dragon Pulse, however, still managed to hit, as Haunter was so focused on stopping the Hyperball that he completely ignored the attack. It was as if he'd rather faint than be captured. Even at half power, the attack hit hard, and Haunter was thrown back against a tree. He let out a groan as he struggled to get up, his energy almost completely depleted.

Wild Pokemon

Jolly M Haunter w/Levitate (Shadow Punch, Dark Pulse)
7% PAR

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Titus Oceanux
Location: Meteor Valley
Area Effects: ; 13 Encounters remaining

Trainer's Pokemon
Jolly M Arcanine w/Intimidate <In battle>
EMs: Aerial Ace, Dragon Pulse, HP Fire, Solarbeam, Reflect, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk, Will-o-Wisp, Substitute, Swagger, Safeguard, Protect, Sunny Day, Morning Sun

Jolly F Togekiss w/Serene Grace <In ball>
EMs: Drain Punch, Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, T-wave
79% Safeguard (this applies to all party Pokemon)

Hardy F Crobat w/Inner Focus <In ball>
EMs: None

Total Items: x3 Hyper Balls, x2 Super Balls, x3 Park balls, Pokeplayer, Intermediate disc (Absol)
Pokemon Encountered: Poochyena, Haunter
Pokemon Caught: None

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