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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Duster
Game: Mother 3
Walk Speed: Medium

A attacks:
AAA: Preforms multiple hits.
Up, Side and Down A: Kicks in various directions

Grab: Wraps enemy in the Rope snake and attacks

B attacks:
B: Siren Beetle makes enemies in a short range run in the opposite direction, regardless of any obstacles. The more damage your opponent takes, the longer the distance they are affected increases.
Fwd B: Lunges forward with wall staples and places smashes enemy into the ground.
Up B: Rope Snake grabs hold of enemy/ledge and pulls you up.
Down B: Hypno Pendulum: Puts enemy to sleep.

Final Smash: Duster pulls in enemies and gets out the Wall Staples and pins down them all, deals %60 damage each, before sending hem flying.

How to Unlock: Participate with Lucas 30 times on New Pork City.
Unlock Challenge Stage: New Pork City
Description after unlocking: The Keeper of the Thief Tools!
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